Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Divide, Or Die

I was thinking the other day about which lunatic fringe of the right I find the most ignorant or embarrassing. I've decided that the birthers are more of an embarrassment because of their stubborn ignorance about what constitutes proof of birth and blatant racism. I would honestly respect you and your decision more if you would just admit that you don't like President Obama because he's black. Although I would then counter with "It's 2010 and there are plenty more reasons now to hate Obama besides the color of his skin."

The comic is based on the Benjamin Franklin cartoon Join, Or Die from 1754 which urged the colonies (but ironically not Delaware or Georgia) to join together or be defeated by the British. This comic is in reference to the small group of racists who are part of the Tea Party group and how the Tea Party needs to separate themselves from this group or they will not be taken seriously. I find it hard to take them seriously when people from the Tea Party say "I want my country back." What does that mean? In order to progress as a country we need to move forward and not stay rooted in the past.