Friday, July 02, 2010

#215: This Isn't Suitable for Work

I typically like the people I work with on a team if they have a good sense of humor and they are laid back. The lesbian and wife-stealing bisexual didn't particularly like me but on the plus side, I didn't exactly like them either. There was this girl on our team who was short, chubby and had curly red hair, glasses--she was nice enough although not my type because she had a boyfriend and she wasn't all that attractive. And she was on my team from the beginning until I moved to overnights but the thing I remember most about her was the way she was fired shortly after I moved to overnights.

Working in a call center, you see and hear some pretty weird things. Some you can take with a grain of salt and choose to believe or not. Normally something like this I would consider false except for it has corroborating evidence. I was talking with someone who used to be on my team and she was talking with this girl who said that occasionally, to pass the time until the end of the day, she'll cover herself up with her blanket (because women are never at the right temperature) and "think about her boyfriend". I'm gonna let that sink in. But like most people, this person needed clarification one what she was talking about. And yep, the clarification confirmed that this girl was indeed masturbating.

Well, seeing as how that is unacceptable (plus someone else sooner or later will have to use that chair), the woman turned this girl in and she was given a stern talking to and allowed to return to work. I'm pretty sure if a guy was. . .doing that sort of thing, he would be fired and shunned--emphasis on shun. Anyway, she went back to work and continued to touch herself inappropriately. She got caught again and was fired but I often wonder "why?"

And it's not even the "why would you even consider doing that in your workplace" but more of a "why would you continue doing that after you get caught the first time". Did no one else notice? Did she even bring herself to orgasm or did she kept getting interrupted by incoming calls?

I don't know...and I don't want to know. It's good to have a hobby you can bring to work but maybe it needs to be a bit more appropriate.

Until next time, I remain...

(Some changes will be coming to POB starting with #216 which will hopefully be in a couple of weeks.)