Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#217: What About Brian? Year Five

The people I used to work for cocked-up and hired too many people so they made up an excuse about Spanish-speakers and laid me off. That's always fun. So what's next for me? Aside from job hunting, I figure I will do a lot of reading and writing. I'm working on Part Three of Wilbur and Kolak and trying to write a replacement first novel which I'm not sure will work out because I'm kind of thinking of doing something else as a replacement first novel but I will see how far I can get into it before I decide which direction I want to go. I'm also thinking of going back to my roots. I have a couple short stories I need to get written because I think their plots are just too good to waste. I'm also considering doing more stuff regarding history around where I live and of course begin really doing research for 87, that historical fiction novel set in the 1860s and 2000s.

But as for long-term plans? Hopefully some form of school. I've decided that I do want to do journalism but use that to help me write my books, especially in the research department. Even though it seems as if the world of journalism is shrinking (newspaper circulation dwindling, TV news becoming more and more polarized and people just not wanting to hear anything they don't want to hear) but if anything, it's also expanding because there are so many mediums out there. I would prefer to work in the newspaper industry but would be willing to work for a news company that's on the Internet. The main thing I want to happen is that I don't want a job anymore. I want a career, something I can actually do without fear of actually being out of a job. Sure, you can get laid off from a newspaper but you submit resumes to other newspapers or online news agencies whereas the job I am currently more qualified for: call center/customer service, those don't offer the security one might think. You could be working in one for over four years doing just fine then all of a sudden, based on the same criteria that is deemed acceptable by the employer, you are being told by the non-human automaton that is Human Resources that you are being terminated because your "good enough isn't good enough" anymore. In journalism, you do tend to get a do over before your article goes to print.

Someone actually suggested that I become a teacher. But not only a teacher, a teacher of...wait for it, middle school kids. I have never really considered becoming a teacher but when it actually crossed my mind several eons ago, I more pictured myself teacher roughly third or fourth graders. I get the appeal of middle schoolers: get 'em before they become douchey high schoolers. I honestly can't see myself being a teacher, especially to kids that old, because I'm not good speaking in front of a large crowd. Small crowd? Bring it on. I've gotten a lot better at speaking in front of crowds, I don't know why. Maybe because I'm getting older and feel my opinion is worth more than it is. Or maybe it's just because in order to make it in this world you have to be able to toss the shit around with people, no matter how much it may stink.

I don't know exactly know what the next year will bring or what will happen but here's to a good 2010-11.

Until next time, I remain...