Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July Finale

Born Loser 07-04-10
And the Thornapples couldn't move three to five inches on either side in order to see the fireworks?

But what I don't understand is if they were under the tree then how did it obstruct their view? They didn't notice the low-hanging limbs and branches covering the area of the sky where the fireworks would've been? My wife and I attempted to view our local fireworks show and staked out under a tree because it was starting to rain. We parked a car near where we would be at, hung out with family and then was dropped off at the park. We were all set to view the 'works (and move from out from under the tree) when it downpoured. Soaked to the bone, never saw any fireworks (but we can hear other people's fireworks, which, by the way, are illegal to shoot off in my town) but all in all had a good day.

That's a snappy beret, Gladys.