Friday, June 05, 2009

Time To Vote

Well, all the Story Series are done and it's time to vote for which Story Series will NOT be returning in the fall. If you haven't read all the entries then go back and do that then vote for your two least favorites.

Secret Identity (12 entries)= Andrew Warren has superpowers but he doesn't use them to their full potential. He's constantly at odds with his friend Jessica Murrow to become the hero Centropolis needs but Andy's too busy dealing with work and other issues. Meanwhile, other heroes arrive in Centropolis including Visor, created by Centropolis Mayor Cal Nolan and Magic Man, a young boy who can turn into a man with powers and magical abilities.

Landsman (5 entries)= Matthew Landsman has just inadvertently learned that the Earth is really flat and now he and his family are torn by three factions neither one clear on if they want to stop Landsman or help him.

Joe & Querty (5 entries)= After his father dies, Joe Shamus brings out an old friend in the form of Querty, a sarcastic sock puppet. While Joe's friends and family fear for his sanity, it turns out that Querty is actually good for Joe.

Seven (7 entries)= Set roughly at the turn of the 20th Century, Seven and his friend leave their quaint town of Cassoday to follow a blind man named Cassius to Shmand Valley but first must find the seven signs that point them in the right direction.

Space Dork had only one entry before it went on hiatus but it will be back later this month to finish off it's run and Delaware Affections will begin in early July for a three-episode run so these are left off of the voting list.

As for what could be happening next season for these stories if they return: Visor will become the premiere hero of Centropolis after saving the planet from Reign and Andy will meet a hero from the 1940s who'll teach him what it means to be a hero; Landsman will witness a terrorist act and will then also be on the run from the U.S. Government; Joe & Querty will change direction a little bit to be a bit more character driven as an old high school peer returns and Joe and his friends make a new friend in Jodie plus Nicki encounters more typical high school problems; Seven and Cassius begin traveling north away from where they are supposed to be going and Nicholas and Tara get comfortable in Indianola.

So please read and reread these stories and let me know what you think and please vote so I know which stories to actually start writing out.

Any questions or suggestions just leave a comment or email me: tauycreek at gmail DOT com.