Monday, June 01, 2009

#192: Brand New Summer

I really needed that break. I feel rejuvenated and hope to have an entire summer of new posts, stories and other ramblings.

So what all did I do on my days off? I did some work and I did some writing--not important writing but some writing for my Kansas history project and some writing on upcoming Story Series. I didn't do any novel writing but will hopefully get some done over the summer. The Story Series are coming along slowly but surely and we only have two more entries from Secret Identity and Joe & Querty and then it's all over until the fall. People still need to vote on which Series will not return in the fall. I'm keeping the poll until it has at least 10 votes so it's not going anywhere for awhile.

So what's going on this summer? First up there's the classic Losers Are Made, Not Born which makes fun of our favorite loser Brutus Thornapple and the rest of the cast of "The Born Loser" along with The Point of Beginning which is closing in on it's 200th entry and I've been debating the possibility of letting other people post but I'm not sure if that would be possible and still be able to keep the number. I'd have to find some way of coordinating it. Another new thing is something I call The Stull Chronicles which are stories of weird mysteries that happen around the world like St. Jacob's Well, Bella and the Wych Elm and the Tunguska Event. I still plan on starting my comic strip during the summer and while I have gotten several inquiries about being the artist, none have panned out so I'm still looking.

On the fifth is the one year anniversary of so I plan on celebrating that with a huge post featuring many different comic strips and maybe some webcomics, too. If you all have any suggestions, questions or concerns let me know. POB #193 will arrive on the fifth and the very first Stull Chronicles will arrive Friday and we'll have a double Picture of the Week since I accidentally missed the last weekend.

Don't forget to be senselessly joyful and Watch This Space.

Until next time, I remain...