Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Catch Up

Happy Father's Day to me.

And I guess to every other father out there.

Except you bad fathers. You know who you are!

Born Loser 06-19-09
Who's Wilberforce spending the night with? Hattie? HAWT!! Hattie doesn't have pillows Wilberforce can borrow? That seems weird. I've spent the night at very few places but never had to bring my own pillow. That just seems really complicated.

Also, is this strip written correctly? I know that Gladys is implying that all Brutus does is watch TV and bowl (forgetting he also eats a lot, golfs and watches losing baseball teams) but for some reason it seems badly written.

Born Loser 06-20-09
Ew, fishing. Obviously I'm not a fan but I have been three or four times. Caught nothing.

I tried to look up the Centerville River (as seen in this strip) and couldn't find it. I even with the City of Centerville's website and they have nothing about a river. Anyway, I find hard to believe Brutus and Wilberforce actually caught the fish. They probably just picked up dead ones along the shore. Brutus is a born loser after all.

Born Loser 06-21-09
"'Oh, dear'"? Veeblefester is the President and CEO of a tea cozy manufacturer who has yet to ask for or recieve a bailout in these troubling economic times. His company has managed to practically wipe all other tea cozy manufacturers off the map and despite just making tea cozies, his company has managed to produce more pollution that every energy company combined and he says "Oh, dear"?