Friday, June 05, 2009

One Year of Tauy Creek Super Mega Post

2 Cows and a Chicken 06-05-09 After my grandparents died, I began thinking of all the weird stuff I would leave behind if I died suddenly. I don't know who I'd be more embarrassed for: me or the people who have to go through that stuff. 
Why is that cashier guy wearing a robe? Shouldn't he be in a nice suit and tie?

Ignore the Susan Boyle crap and focus on the lower left corner where Michael Bay steals J.D. Salinger's creation. "Who owns the copyright?" Even though Salinger is 90 years old, he still owns the copyright to the novel and all characters because he's still alive to renew the copyright. People should really brush up on copyright law.

Nothing to comment here, this comic just made me chuckle. Cul-De-Sac 06-05-09 "Insane with glee" is an awesome phrase. I, too, think the rabbit needs to tone down his enthusiasm. Girls & Sports 06-05-09 "Come on, one last roll in the hay before we go our separate ways?" That's a prerequisite of mine when a girlfriend breaks up with me. They break up with me, the least they can do is say good-bye. Garfield Minus Garfield 06-05-09 Paws, Inc. has stolen someone else's idea and made it less funny. Get Fuzzy 06-05-09 I hate those "psychics" that do that cold-reading crap. Luckily I know very few people so it wouldn't work on me. Grand Avenue 06-05-09 I don't understand the joke in this strip. She was voted most likely to be famous which she likens to being a woman CEO for a Fortune 500 company while her father thinks it's to make him look like Sisyphus. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is some sort of money joke but that's meeting the comic more than halfway. Heathcliff 06-05-09 The last time I saw a newspaper headline larger than the newspaper name was September 12, 2001. I find it hard to believe that Heathcliff is worse or as bad as 9/11. This newspaper needs to get it's priorities straight. Mallard Fillmore 06-05-09 For the last week or so, Mallard Fillmore has been celebrating it's 15th anniversary because unlike Alley Oop no one else will. My question is does Bruce Tinsley really look like that bald man or is that Bruce's alter ego? Nancy 06-05-09 Considering Nancy was around during the Truman presidency and the release of "Yellow Submarine" you'd think she'd know they are seperated by at least twenty years. Pearls Before Swine 06-05-09 Pig should try the Ukraine to get a free wifey. Secret Asian Man 06-05-09 I'd totally do that. Send Billy Mays to yell/sell to people who have a hangover. Say what you will about Billy but he's pretty cool. Shoecabbage 06-05-09 What the eff? Spider-Man 06-05-09 "But why does he look like Ignaz Moscheles?" The City 06-05-09 I have a shed/playhouse/doghouse thing in my backyard. Maybe I could sign up for this program and get some extra money. The thing in my backyard can't be any smaller than the cells at Gitmo. Wee Pals 06-05-09 What manmade lake can possibly be famous? With the possible exception of Lake Mead, manmade lakes are made specifically for water production or flood control and are not created to "be famous". Zack Hill 06-05-09 Why is Zack scared in the last panel. Is that the goth/vampire girl's pool and he's scared that she's gonna suck his blood or is that a pool they had in the backyard? If it were me, I'd go with the goth girl and just risk having my blood sucked. Born Loser 06-05-09 Remember Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott? Unfortunately I do. Why are nine-year-olds learning about the Judicial system? Isn't that more of a junior high subject.