Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#194: Don't You Have a Husband to Bother?

Three times. An ex-girlfriend of mine (the one who actually reached in through my ribcage and ripped my heart out and showed it to me before I died) has contacted me three times through Yahoo! Messenger. Now, it's not actual "contact" contact but she keeps buzzing me. I've now ignored her three times and wonder if she'll try to get ahold of me again.

The fact she's buzzing me is very strange. I originally thought she just hit the wrong person but then that just made me wonder why the hell she even has my name still in her Yahoo! account after almost two years. I got rid of her almost immediately. It would be nice to get my screenplay back though.

Yeah, stupid here loaned her his screenplay so she could read it and give me feedback. I was supposed to get it back in August of 2007 when she came back to Kansas but we got into a fight and she returned to Massachusetts. I then got a MySpace message (yes, we're in high school again) saying that blah-blah she'll never talk to me again blah-blah she's getting married blah-blah she'll give me my screenplay as soon as she can it's packed away. That was November of 2007. Or was it December?

Now, under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't care because it would all be in my head and I can just rewrite it which I could but it would not be as good as what was in that notebook. That screenplay was amazing and I think it had potential to be sent to movie studios (not to toot my own horn). I wish that if she is going to talk to me through Yahoo! she'd ask for my address so she could mail me my script. I kind of want it back. I didn't give it to her to keep. If she wants something to remember me by, I have other things I could give her that don't mean as much to me.

The screenplay is about four friends. Two of them work at a convenience store. One friend is dealing with his girlfriend possibly cheating on him while the other is just coasting through life. The other two are grappling with their future (one has never had a girlfriend and the other is just a stupid idiot). Half the movie is spent in the store talking about their problems and coming up with solutions while the other half is spent on a ghost-hunt. The four friends go to an abandoned cemetery with an abandoned church and house nearby to explore and search for the ghost of the caretaker which is supposed to be haunting the area. While the four don't really find anything that scream ghosts, they get closer and become able to deal with their problems and move forward in their lives.

I've been looking for a way for this story shoved in something else I write and I think I know where I want it to go but I still want my screenplay back.

Until next time, I remain...