Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Then You Can Grow...Um...Tomatoes for Sauce?

Born Loser 06-03-09
I've always wanted to start a garden but I'm not sure if I would be any good at it, mainly because things that require me to pay attention to them tend to die (goldfish, plants, girlfriends). Hell, I even killed a cactus one time.

I think Wilberforce should know what you can and can't plant though. I know Wilberforce isn't supposed to be the brightest bulb in the crate but this is stupid even for him. But what do I know? I thought that thing was a pickle and not a spade.


La Belle Esplanade said...

Even worse, it's a trowel. Sorry, I couldn't resist. When's the next photo due? They're very interesting and they've become my favorite feature.

Russell Pirkle said...

yeah all of the things Wilberforce listed have vegetable components that she could grow, therefore this strip is dumb