Sunday, September 10, 2023

Shouldn't You Be Getting Those Groceries Put Away?

January 11, 1986
"I'm famished! What's for din-din?" Imma stop you right there. You are an adult and unless you are being playful--which it's clear you're not--just say 'dinner'.

What's Shepherd's Surprise? I looked it up and most recipes are for shepherd's pie. It's not a colloquial saying so the only thing I can think of is that shepherd's surprise is the name when you use a minced meat other than beef. Although shepherd's pie is made with minced meat which is any type of ground meat. I'm spending way too much time talking about a food that, I too, do not like.

I'm surprised that Brutus and Gladys haven't moved to just picking up their groceries from the store. That's the one pandemic-era thing that I really enjoy.

Oh, yeah. The pandemic didn't happen in The Born Loser. Lucky bastards.

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