Sunday, September 24, 2023

I'm Surprised He'd Even Care

January 26, 1986

This is one thing I never understood about the police. It's my understanding that nearly everything they do requires paperwork--hours of tedious form-filling. That's how it is in every episode of Barney Miller. You would think that the police would do as little as possible to keep from having to fill out paperwork and then, only do their job when absolutely necessary.

Maybe I'm all wrong on this paperwork thing and television has lied to me, yet again.

Geez. When was the last time I saw someone pacing back and forth? Walkin' back and forth with your hands behind your back, slightly hunched over, wearing a little groove in the floor. The anxiety that image portrays is actually kind of endearing.

Unless you are Rancid W. Veeblefester.

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