Sunday, July 02, 2023

Where Are They Going?

At least it was when I was writing this. Not paying your bills, trying to change something and breaking it, purposely throttling usage, poor little rich boy needed attention, whatever the reason, that's bad business coming from a so-called business genius. I'm sure Twitter will be back to its somewhat functional self at some point, but until then and after you call find me here and at one of the many other social network sites. Everything is linked in my LinkTree.

November 4, 1985
That seems like a decent vacation. That's a lot of places. And it probably only cost, like, $100. I don't know what vacations cost--either back in 1985 or today because I never go on vacation.

He started in Ciudad? Which ciudad? Ciudad means 'city'. It's not an actual place name. Maybe if chubby Henry Mitchell would shut up, someone would tell him.

How could Brutus never hear of Galileo?! Even if you don't really know who he is or what he's known for, you've heard his name. Maybe Brutus is just being purposely obtuse so Veeblefester won't talk to him.

Veeblefester is so rich that he can have a car custom made for himself. Or Rancid W. Veeblefester is a legacy name handed down to Veeblefester men for generations and one of those men started a car company and let's just say that's very possible the RWV Motor Company has a shady past.

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