Sunday, July 30, 2023

To the Moon, Gladys!

December 15, 1985
He does this everyday. He just wants to be the only person on the bus.

In my ongoing effort to connect everything I see to Kansas, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote numerous poems about abolition and slavery. One of those poems is "Burial of Barber", written after Thomas Barber was shot and killed by a proslavery neighbor on December 6, 1855 about four miles outside of Lawrence.

While the flag with stars bedecked
Threatens where it should protect,
And the Law shakes hand with Crime,
What is left us but to wait
Match our patience to our fate,
And abide the better time?

"The Golfer" originally aired October 15, 1955 and features the classic scene where Norton (Art Carney) attempts to help Ralph (Jackie Gleason) learn to golf. Specifically, Norton "addresses the ball" ("Helllooo, ball!!") and there's some excellent hip thrusting between Ralph and Norton. Also, Ralph threatens to beat Alice with a golf club. "Now I know why men play golf," Ralph says. "It's not because we like it. It's to get away from the wives!" You can watch that scene here.

I would much rather watch the episode on TV and not, for some reason, in my mind. Who does that?

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