Tuesday, May 31, 2022

He Just Wants to Be Loud

As some of you may know, I had my Twitter account locked earlier in the month. I have this bad habit of telling politicians to "eat ass and die" when they are being stupid, proposing stupid things, taking away personal rights, or doing absolutely nothing about how we're a terrible country. Well, apparently someone took offense to that and reported that I was encouraging suicide. So my account was locked until I deleted the tweet--which I did about three days later. I still stand by that tweet.

Anyway, it happened again. I don't know if someone was scrolling through my account or doing a search or if I'm now on some kind of algorithm bot that checks to make sure I'm not a threat to other accounts but someone or something had to go back a year to find another "eat ass and die" tweet. Anyway, I deleted a bunch of tweets where I used "eat [whatever] and die" and will lock my account for a few days to see if anything else happens. I don't know. I just see numerous account--many with more followers than me--treating people worse. I'm not punching down unlike many other accounts who are clearly racist, bigoted, and just downright mean for likes and retweets. I just feel that with all the actual terrible people on Twitter, why has my account--which mainly focuses on stupid local foibles, history, comics, and writing--become a target?

Arnie is dressed nicer than Brutus which makes me think Arnie has a more important job than Brutus. Maybe that's why Brutus can't get promoted, because Brutus is basically just a nondescript white blob when he's at work.