Tuesday, May 03, 2022


You may have heard that a draft of a decision from the Supreme Court of the United States was leaked last night. Essentially, the draft reveals that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, which means that within months, abortion could be criminalized in most states.

I, personally, find it very strange that we would outlaw something that is something only the woman and their doctor should be concerned about and that we are doing nothing to actually stop abortions. Criminalizing abortion doesn't end abortion. What does? Maternity and paternity leave, universal health care, comprehensive sexual education, a steady income, good education, free or cheap daycare and pre-K, a social welfare safety net. At the bare minimum, if you are going to force children to be born, you should offer at least the bare necessities of food, water, and shelter, and we, as a country, can't even do that.

Anyway, the fight isn't over--they never are for some reason. Abortion funds are grassroot organizations that help people obtain abortions, the abortion pills, transportation, lodging, and other services to help people get the care they need. If you would like to donate and help fight this fight, you can search for your state at abortionfunds.org.

I knew this was coming when I saw the middle panel up on GoComics.

I bet Chip was pretty proud of himself when he finished this comic. Probably chuckled all the way to the post office. "Frank Lloyd? Right!" he guffawed as he handed the postal employee the envelope of comics he mails to United Features.