Monday, August 20, 2018

I've Been At School for a Week

Yeah, it was great to start later in the year but you also had to stay in school until after Memorial Day. I want to say the dates changed from after to Labor Day to late August while I was in school.

And I'm well aware that we should never read the comments that people post but GoComics gives me a featured comment and it grabbed my interest. Basically, since you still have to be in school for 180-190 days (depending on the state) then kids clearly have more days off. This comment had 5 replies so like an idiot, I opened them. The first comment--THE FIRST COMMENT--"Teachers need those days off to attend the union meetings."

Now, I've been working in education for 7 years and my wife for 12 years. Not once was there a "union meeting" on one of those days off. Most days off are because of professional development. Being an educator is one of the rare jobs where you have to do things in order to continue to do your job. Not only do you have to make sure your kids are learning, you have to have so many hours of re-education or you can't get recertified. How many other jobs do that? Probably not yours "Iron Pounder."