Saturday, August 25, 2018


This feels like something that would be shown on Pluggers. "You know you're a plugger if you have to keep watching previous episodes of the TV show you are currently binge-watching. Hyuk, hyuk!" and there's a picture of, oh let's say, the dog-man in the panel saying "Before I watch episode 6, I need to go back and watch episode 5...".

I hear about this a lot, going back an rewatching an episode because you forgot what happened in it but I've never seen it in action. Do people do this or does this anomaly only afflict the older set who just also happen to have access to millions of eyes every day?

Speaking of binge-watching TV shows, I have three television series ideas that are ready and rarin' to go if a network or streaming service are reading this. You can email me through the About page.