Sunday, August 26, 2018

Divine Life #5

“Seonna, are you going out for track?” Savannah asked as she sat down next to Seonna. Maggie sat next to Savannah.

“Yeah, I’m gonna be, like, the best runner this year,” Seonna bragged.

Maggie stayed out of their conversation even though she was also going out for track. She was a good athlete back in Kansas City and that probably wouldn’t change in Ransomville. Seonna had long legs so she probably would be pretty fast but Maggie wondered if Seonna was as conditioned as she was.

Maggie was always playing sports. She hated having to leave all the leagues she was in because she knew Ransomville was not going to have all that Kansas City had, if anything. The school also offered fewer sports at the middle school level. Track, basketball, wrestling, and soccer were the only sports offered with football and baseball--no girls allowed--offered in high school. Maggie had never done wrestling but was kind exciting about trying it when it came time.

At the high school, Chloe turned around in her desk and showed Jeremy something on her phone. It was some kind of meme. He chuckled and they laughed together. Frank, sitting next to Jeremy, raised an eyebrow and looked at them oddly. When class was over, Christine caught up with Frank.

“Are Jeremy and Chloe dating?” she asked him.

“I don’t think so. I think they’re just becoming good friends,” Frank replied.

“It’s weird. And Chloe is already so weird,” Christine said before breaking away from Frank. She went to language arts where she again shared a class with Jeremy.

In language arts, they were about to start reading The Odyssey which amazed Jeremy that they were reading such an higher level book.

“What is an odyssey?” the teacher asked. A couple kids raised their hands but one just blurted out their answer.

“It’s like an adventure.”

“Yes, and in the case of The Odyssey, it’s a series of adventures over a long period of time. We’re going to read Homer’s The Odyssey and answer these questions, she held up a packet of paper. “After we’re finished reading, we’re going to write our own adventures but we’re going to do it a little differently. We’re going to partner up and each write a portion of the story. Then we’re going to pass it off to another group and those partners with write a portion.”

Christine perked up. The teacher began handing out the packet of questions. Students began grabbing copies of the book that were on their desks and began flipping through them. When the teacher finished handing out the papers, she began reading out loud to the class.

Maggie, Seonna, and Candace were all at the track ready to try out. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Candace,” Maggie said.

“I figured the same thing about you,” Candace sneered.

“I used to run at my previous school. I was pretty good, you know,” Maggie figured that it was time to toot her own horn.

“Mm,” Seonna nodded. “We’ll see.”

Savannah was sitting in the stands watching the three friends stretch and warm up. She normally didn’t care about school sports but since she cared about Seonna, she figured she’d at least watch the tryouts. Since three of her friends were trying out, she now figured she’d have to go to games if all three made the team.

All three did. Maggie was able to run slightly faster than Seonna and Candace, who was more adept to the field events, also made the team. “You were pretty good,” Seonna loosely shook Maggie’s hand. “That will be the only time you beat me though.”

“Mm. We’ll see,” Maggie responded. “We’re not against each other. We’re all on the same team.”

“You coming with us to the Tastee Kup for a celebratory shake?” Seonna asked, all anger and competition instantly left her.

“Yeah, sure,” Maggie was nonchalant with her answer but was very excited.

At the Tastee Kup, Candace and Savannah sat on one side of the booth with Seonna and Maggie on the other. Seonna had taken off her tank top so she was just in her sports bra and track shorts much to the chagrin of the Tastee Kup manager. Savannah didn’t mind though.

“We’re gonna dominate this year,” Seonna said. “We’ve never had someone as fast as me on the team.”

“Faster,” Maggie corrected.

“Ooh, someone’s salty,” Seonna laughed and placed her hand on Maggie’s leg. Maggie thought that was weird but tried not to bring attention to it especially with Savannah right there. “Are you going to do wrestling?” she asked Maggie.

“Yeah. I’ve never wrestled before so it’ll be a new experience.”

“Wrestling is usually a boy’s sport but the coach allows girls. It’ll be nice having another girl on the team. Especially when we have our overnight competition. I won’t have to room with the coach. We can practice together.”

“Yeah,” Maggie agreed and tried to move her leg but ended up with Seonna’s hand closer to the inside of her leg. After the Tastee Kup, Seonna and Savannah went one way while Maggie and Candace went another. “Seonna’s gay, right?”

“Totally,” Candace laughed. “I saw her rubbing your leg.”

“Do you think Savannah noticed? I know Savannah has a crush on Seonna.”

“Savannah can’t make Seonna go out with her.”

“I’m not gay though. Have I been leading her on?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t know,” Candace shrugged. “I think Seonna just likes having new meat around.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better.”

“Hey, Jeremy,” Nathan came up to Jeremy as he walked home. “Can you come over after dinner, like at 7?”

“I’m having dinner with Chloe. We’re probably gonna get dessert at the Tastee Kup afterwards. Why?”

“Why are you having dinner with Chloe?”

“Because she asked me,” Jeremy replied. “Why do you want me to come over?”

“Just to hang out. I have something to talk to you about.”

“I’ll try to make it after Chloe and I get dessert.”

“No, it’s fine. Let me know if she still wears that mask at home.”

“Okay,” Jeremy waved. “See you.”