Sunday, March 04, 2018

He Barely Tried

My school performed "The Land of Oz" this past week and, as usual, they did a great job. Most of the cast were eighth graders so this will be the last year they are in our plays and I'm hoping that they continue acting and performing and maybe even try out for bigger productions outside of school.

This eighth grade was my first class when I started at Eisenhower so I have seen them grow from precocious little kids to brilliant young adults and I wish them nothing but the best in high school and beyond.

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I, too, like using the cut-and-paste feature.

Honestly, if I was at Photoshop and/or had a bit more time on my time, I'd like to change the ending of this strip to either Kewpie just pees on the floor or the real Kewpie comes in and moves this life-like dummy/decoy off panel and then sits. Ooh, ooh! Or maybe Wilberforce or Gladys comes in, says "Hi, Kewpie-girl. Sit" and Kewpie immediately sits!

Do dog owners do this? I have two dogs--well, one and a half because one has at least two of his feet in the grave--but I've never had them perform for me just so I could see if they remember what they know. That seems kind of weird to me.