Thursday, September 01, 2011

Some Changes

There will be some changes to WTS over the remaining year. Although nothing as big as the huge look update a while back. LAMNB will return on Labor Day (September 5th). I will also update the links box (with graphics) and probably the "About" pages.

"Stull" will come to an unceremonious end with #21 and come to a full conclusion in Liberty #29. Matt's two part excursion into haunted Wisconsin will still be featured in Liberty #31 and #32 and "Stull" will then become a staple in a new feature "Incredible Comics and Stories" to debut in (hopefully) March. I also hope to start a webcomic next year but I don't want to start posting until I have at a six month backlog.

As you've read, "The Point of Beginning" has ended, with my rants and ramblings now being featured with LAMNB. And that's about it. Hope you are enjoying the site and please tell your friends about this blog.