Sunday, September 18, 2011

And for S'Mores You Need a Chef's Hat?

SO THERE'S THIS GIRL ON MY FACEBOOK THAT NEARLY ALWAYS TYPES IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I see this a lot and sometimes I do think it is out of anger, especially on sites where politics are involved because american_joe1776 is pretty sure Obama is to blame for the erosion problem happening in Montana.* I just wonder how people type like that. I wrote that first sentence up there holding down the space bar with my pinky finger except for the apostrophe because I just can't force myself to type " when I mean '. Do they just hold down the shift key the whole time (which would explain "!!!1!!" on some posts) or do they use the Caps Lock key? Is the Caps Lock key accidentally on and they don't know it (and upon seeing it, don't care)? Lately, she hasn't been capitalizing which makes me think she's not feeling good.

There's also a part of me that thinks she thinks typing in ALL CAPS means you're happy instead of the true meaning which is you are angry and yelling at someone.

I've been reading <i>The Born Loser</i> all summer and I don't recall Wilberforce going to camp. Hell, the Thornapples couldn't even afford their annual summer vacation. And Brutus, it isn't hard to make S'mores. Cook a marshmallow and crush it between two graham crackers and a chocolate bar. It's not rocket science.

*This is made up but I remember reading an article about anti-American militants in Montana and someone commented about how their distrust in Obama led them to be anti-American and not the fact that all government is pretty messed up and those people probably didn't have all the corn on their cob in the first place. I just changed the word "militant" to "erosion."