Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Love Getting Mail, Hate Getting Crap

So I went to check out a library book today and I didn't have my library card so the librarian proceeded to look up my information and found my library account from ten years ago. I have gotten a new account since which makes this even stranger. There are three books on my old account that are lost. I know they are lost because they were in the backseat of a minivan that got repossessed and the dealer refused to let the owners get their stuff out without paying what they owe.

Anyway, so now I owe money on these three books (two of which are out of print) and I can't check any new books until I pay off what I owe. But for the last five, six years I've had another library account I've been using and no one has bothered me at all about those three books. Same name, name social security so I don't know why this hasn't came up until now. I also wonder did my current account even come up with she looked me up?

I hate receiving junk mail and hate getting junk emails. I'd rather get nothing than filled my mailbox and my inbox with useless crap I am going to immediately throw away/delete. I think if the post office quit giving bulk senders discounts, they wouldn't be hurting for money.