Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#234: About Fast Food

I eat fast food once in a while. I like fast food. Hell, people who say they don't like fast food actually like fast food once in a while. No, it's not healthy but fast food never claims it is. The last year or so I am really starting to notice people say that they hate fast food but yet I still see them go to Sonic, Taco Bell, etc. They seem to make a conscious effort to avoid McDonald's though. So I am starting to think that when people say that they "hate fast food" what they actually mean is "I don't like how unhealthy fast food is".

Fast food has never really claimed to be healthy. Oh, sure. They try like with salads and fruit cups but if I am going to go to Wendy's I am not going to get a salad, I am going to get a damn Baconator. The reason for my rant is that I see parents basically teach their children to stay away from fast food places and that the food there is not good for them. And it's not. If you eat it every day. I think you can splurge once a month and be fine. And if you are like me and 75-85% of your meals are home-cooked then you shouldn't have to worry.

Also, if you do not eat fast food don't chastise the people who do. Don't give them dirty looks or start spouting off about how unhealthy it is. More than likely, unless the person has been living under a rock since the 1970s, they know it is unhealthy. When I'm at work and I have to go get fast food for lunch or something it is because the dinner I had last night didn't provide enough leftovers, I forgot it or I just haven't had fast food in a really long time. I know it is not good for me but why should I eat healthy so I can possibly live longer when I could die in a car crash tomorrow? It makes no sense.

Nine times out of ten, I would choose a home-cooked meal. I can keep my son away from fast food. He's nine. It's not like he can go out and get it himself and the same goes for every other parent. Instead of just telling them fast food is bad and you should never eat it, show them what to actually get on the menu because chances are there is going to be some point in their life where they will have to eat fast food--even if it is upscale fast food. Instead of blaming the fast food businesses people need to start taking control of their lives. The fast food companies are not forcing you to eat at their establishments, if the fast food companies are advertising to children then you need to 1)turn off the TV or 2)tell them 'no' when they ask to go to McDonald's because they are children and typically still need mom and dad to drive them around. As for teenagers who can get around on their own, parents can still nag. And your kids can only hate you for so long because the horrible economy forces them to move back in with you.

So in conclusion, I like fast food as does practically everybody else in this country. Do I have to eat it everyday? No. I know it is unhealthy for me to eat it everyday. I have the power to say to myself and my son if we get a craving for fast food that we do not need and can eat at home. I can also help my son choose wiser when ordering fast food to get something more on the healthy side and I don't have to act like a douche to do it.

Except for this post. But I'm done now.