Sunday, June 26, 2011

Balloons Can't Scream 'No'

There is a new post up over at the DCR that you need to read. The fate of the world rests on it. It also mentions my vacation that I am going on in a couple of weeks. I will be updating my blog with Chicago-related musings and such along with the standard LAMNB comics. There are also a few posts that have been ready to post for the last month. So while I will be out of the state, I will still be posting here. And then I will probably take another week off when I get back and not post anything.

That paragraph is really rambling....

Why does Gladys' forgiveness mean so much to Brutus? My thoughts are either his "big heart" comment is literal and Gladys is only one heartbeat away from heart failure or Gladys hits Brutus. You don't have to take that Brutus. There are places you can go that will protect you from her.