Wednesday, June 01, 2011

#231: The New WTS

I've been really thinking about how to change my blog and get more readers. I think having Twitter has helped and posting the occasional article on Reddit has helped some too. With this entry of POB (#231 if you can't be bothered to read the title), I have decided to turn POB into the official blog of WTS. Sure, there will some be some ramblings about my life and such but POB will also be home to reviews, television commentary, Kansas history (because I know you like that) and just other random stuff. is entering its 3rd year (while the whole blog is in it's fourth) and I'm hoping I can double or triple the readership I have now. The Born Loser commentary will continue despite the slight hiccup with Photobucket. I am assuming the comic strip commentary is still relevant, that people still want to read it. Even if they don't read my commentary, it's nice that they are coming here to read the strip, although I do think they should go on over to and read it there, if the strip is all they are here for.

"Liberty" will also continue on a monthly basis as I enjoy doing the short stories and have several already queued up and ready to go throughout the summer. "Stull" will conclude its first season (after starting in late 2009) in July with #19 and will return in late September with 14 new issues. Please let me you know how you like them. Also, I am sad to inform you that both the Editorial Comics Review and WTS-TV have ended. The Editorial Comics Review had a good run but it is time to move on. Any political rant I have will go into POB where you can read it or not. And as for WTS-TV, it was difficult to do and now that it is summer and I don't watch much TV in the summer and now that POB is going to be the home for television commentary, WTS-TV is kind of pointless now. The few entries I did I enjoyed doing so I'm sure the format will be the same in POB.

Also, because I realized I will never be an author (more on that in another post) I have decided to bring back "Secret Identity" only now titled "Centropolis" and "Seven". I plan to start "Centropolis" up in November and "Seven" probably next summer. Also, the ideas I had in my head for novels will now be condensed into handy-dandy issues for "Liberty" or limited series.

For you new readers who may want to try to catch up on all the posts, let me let you in on some things. POB only go back to #156 because the previous entries were done on different websites. Numbers 1-88 were done on MySpace in my profile blog. My MySpace has since been deleted. And numbers 88-155 were done on LiveJournal, which has also been deleted. Don't worry, you didn't miss much there. Just some dopey ramblings of a sad bastard. In fact, all the MySpace version did was talk about my girlfriend at the time. I haven't spoken to that girlfriend since late 2007 after she ran off to Massachusetts to be with guy she was emotionally cheating on me with. Sure, I miss having those entries but I felt it was time to move on but I just couldn't bring myself to begin renumbering the entries over here. As for the comic strips that show the Photobucket deletion image, blank spaces or dead links, Photobucket deleted the account I was using to host the images, the blank spaces is from an error when moving email addresses and the dead links are because changed them a couple years ago. I am going through and reinstating all the images and links so hopefully by the end of summer they will all be replaced.

So please, enjoy the fourth year of Watch This Space and tell your friends about this blog.

Until next time, I remain...