Monday, February 28, 2011

On the Road

So I'm reading articles about who the Oscars snubbed during the In Memoriam part of the awards and the two of the glaring omissions were Corey Haim and Peter Graves.  Although when you really think about it, Graves was more of a television actor and Haim made only two well-known movies and a lot more crappier ones.  But still they should've added him.  But reading the comments on a couple of the articles I don't think the average viewer knows how the In Memoriam portion works.

Numerous people mentioned that Kenneth Mars (The Producers) and Perry Moore (Chronicles of Narnia) should've been in the list.  You idiots do realize that they died one to two weeks ago right and the montage was probably completed a month or so ago.  And I hate to resort to the same excuse they give when people complain but they don't have time to list everyone.  If you want a good list of the people who have passed--in and outside of Hollywood--I recommend the yearly Find-A-Grave necrologies.  Now, onto today's comic.

Has Brutus put in his two weeks?  Now he can spend the rest of his days following the life and writings of Jack Kerouac and working on his model cities.