Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping Out of the Penalty Box

So is Wilberforce just running around in a parking lot shooting a ping pong ball into a net?  Also, who is he practicing all this with?  He doesn't hang out with anyone else but Hattie?

I was supposed to post an entry for the DCR today but I looked through all the comics that we get and only found two worth commenting on so I will carry those comics until next week and hopefully next week there will be a massive post that all can enjoy.

Also, a group of people are trying to save an old bridge northeast of Ottawa, Kansas.  The bridge, known as the Tauy Creek Bridge, was built in 1895 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.  It was recently abandoned by Franklin County and passed into nearby landowners possession.  The group wants to either preserve the bridge where it is and turn it into a pedestrian bridge or move it to a park in nearby Ottawa for use as a pedestrian bridge.  As I get more information about saving the bridge I will let you know what you can do to help save this piece of history.