Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Superman: The Man of Steel #53

Written by Louise Simonson
Pencilled by Jon Bogdanove
Inked by Dennis Janke

What's with Superman's bottom lip?  I don't know what a "slobberknocker" is and I don't care to find out.  I've always liked Bibbo because he added a human, regular Joe (Joe Six-Pack, as it were) to the Superman mythos and when Superman died, he did everything he could to fill Superman's shoes but there was a simple rule to Bibbo.

Never put him on the cover (see also Superman:  TMOS #20 for another example).

Lex Luthor is on a date with once-cool addition Contessa and is sporting some admittedly cool shades (at night, no less).  What's also cool is that you can watch TV with them despite having no cameras around to tape the scene.  I know Luthor is supposed to have all of the world's resources at his fingertips but even a constant camera crew to video tape stuff seems a bit over the top.

Superman immediately leaps into battle with 
Brawl, a muscular hulk of a monster with green armor and bright orange hair.  Also, to accentuate his name, he continuously yells it.  After Superman arrives on the scene to fight Brawl, we move to a very homely man and his slutty whore of a daughter.  Their car breaks down in front of Bibbo's Ace O' Clubs and as it turns out, the homely man was once Bibbo's boxing manager and a joyous reunion commences.

Superman continues to fight Brawl.  Meanwhile, the homely man learns first-hand how "tuff" Bibbo still is after Bibbo wastes his entire patronage in one fell swoop.  Superman continues to fight Brawl.  Luthor makes a mockery of Monte Carlo's house rules and makes a pretty penny.

Finally, Superman ends his fight with Brawl by punching him (!) then goes to the Ace O' Clubs to help Bibbo but ends up getting punched driving him into a wall.  Superman explains that he rode with Bibbo's punch but I think it's just Superman making excuses because no one can stand up against Bibbo's Kryptonite Gun Punch!