Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Pros Get Paid Millions

Panel One
Wilberforce rings a doorbell with his hockey stick and he looks pretty pleased about it.  I'm glad Chip chose this image instead of the original of Wilberforce ringing the bell with his "hockey stick".

Panel Two
Wilberforce calls Hurricane Hattie 'Hurricane' which is kind of weird but I'm not a nickname kind of guy.  I've just been calling her Hattie.  Hattie acknowledges Wilberforce's greeting with a "Yo" which shows just how bad and tough she is.

Panel Three
Let's take a moment to ponder what the hell Hattie is wearing on her neck.  Is it one of those Lord Fauntleroy tie things?  Only in pink?  Considering Hattie is supposed to be a tough little girl, the fact that she is wearing a pink tie, light blue shirt and what I consider jeans just hurts her case.

Panel Four
Hattie's nose also protrudes from between her eyes as evidenced in the obligatory close-up panel.

Panel Five
In this panel, I have come to the conclusion that Chip does use a cut-and-paste feature and just redraws the faces.  How do I know this?  Every image of Wilberforce looks exactly the same.  
Even the little things that should not look the same panel after panel do look the same.

Also, Hattie's freckles change position from Panel Three to Four.

Panel Six
Hattie couldn't care less about actually playing hockey.  She just wants to wail on the other players and they won't let her play football.

Panel Seven
Point for Wilberforce but...

Panel Eight
...the game goes to Hattie.

But, women usually win in these situations.  Wilberforce, however, will bludgeon Hattie with his hockey stick.