Saturday, December 20, 2008

#171: Three Things

Three Things (part one and part two) is an unfinished story I, along with my best friend Randy, started a couple years or so ago.  We decided to write a story about our time in high school when we actually started to get a life.  Our "life" consisted of sneaking out and driving to reportedly haunted places around our area.  Stull, the Devil House and a couple of cemeteries were our haunts and while we never actually saw any ghosts, we did have a lot of fun in getting there.

I loved the actual ghost hunting part of it but what I really got into was the history.  I learned way too much about the places we went and had a tendency to suck the fun right out of it because I had the facts that nothing happened in those places or there is no Indian burial ground or something like that.  I still do that today although I'm getting much better.

But what happens in Three Things is actually a pretty close description of what really happened.  Randy and I did some rewriting and adding on to things that we couldn't completely remember.  I think it came out really good and wish we could've been able to write a complete story which we may do if this story becomes popular enough.  So get viewing.  And read the other stuff of mine.

I'll do entries on Stull and the Devil House later as I get stories posted about them.