Monday, December 01, 2008

Superman: The Man of Steel #29 (Jan. 1994)

written by Louise Simonson
pencilled by Jon Bogdanove
inked by Dennis Janke
The greatest villian of all time was introduced in these here pages.  Bloodthirst's debut was mentioned and discussed several times in previous issues and it all led up to this.  A black leather tank top clad, green gas emitting Dr. Frank-N-Furter-esque alien thing.  Now, I'm sure everyone at Superman Central thought that Bloodthirst would be an amazing villain as he was apparently the cause of every war and assassination in history but his first--and only
--appearance was a complete failure.

The story is also riddled with a stupid battle with Hi-Tech who 
was fighting Superman in the issue of Action Comics preceding this issue.  As you can see, the art still isn't the best as this is an issue of The Man of Steel and the result of the issue is pretty slapped together because you get Jimmy Olsen and Ron Troupe being attacked by Hi-Tech, Superman swooping in, punching Hi-Tech, getting attacked by Bloodthirst and...well, that's pretty much it.

I think Bloodthirst had the potential but I learned that you never introduce a character or storyline in an issue of The Man of Steel.  What ironic is that two of the best Superman storylines (The Death of Superman and The Trial of Superman) started in The Man of Steel (Numbers 18 and 50, respectively).

And yes, you probably will see plenty of Man of Steel issues in here but next
 time I hope to do a Marvel issue so we'll just see.