Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Catch-Up

I hope everyone had a great holdiay break.  I know I did.  The main gift was a digital camera which I plan to use for everything.  I just need a memory card but that should be coming soon.  I also got How I Met Your Mother season three, Smallville seasons 5 & 6, Boston Legal season 3 and some shirts and jeans.  I also got a book about the Civil War in Kansas and a zip-up hoodie.  Really good Christmas.  It needs to happen more often.  But onto the comics.

Common fire safety knowledge dictates that you turn off the fireplace before you go to bed lest you possibly burn your house down.

I also don't believe Wilberforce is nice enough to constitute wearing a sweatshirt.  Also, his face is off-center in the last panel.

We have discovered that Brutus just randomingly breaks out into song.  It's kind of annoying.  At least today we can chalk it up to too much eggnog.

A Christmas tradition in my family is that we cook a huge pot of spaghetti and meatballs to eat.  And that's on Christmas Eve.  We don't have a huge dinner with turkey or some form of meat.  The ground beef in the meatballs is all the meat we need to satisfy our meat-hunger.

And I predict that Gladys will drop spaghetti down her suit.