Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Superman #64

written by Dan Jurgens
art by Jackson Guice
It's Christmas in Metropolis and Superman is not happy.  This issue's title is called "Metropolis Mailbag" and I assume it was going to be an annual event where every Christmas Superman reads his mail and does nice things for people, ad nauseum.  This is the first one (Christmas 1991, with a February 1992 cover date) and the second one would be in Superman #76 and he would be dead.  Thus ending the "Metropolis Mailbag" event.

Anyway, Superman has decided to answer some of his mail with the help of Lois.  All the letters
are from people wanting Superman's help whether it's to help feed someone's family or dig an oil well in Alaska.  A lot of the letters dig into Supes and the art seems to darken throughout the book which adds an additional layer of drama to it.

The first person Superman helps is an old lady in Chicago who survived the Holocaust and is the only survivor of her family.  She then finds out she has sister who survived who is still living in Germany.  She has no money or means to visit and would like to see her sister again so they both know that they are not alone in this world.  Superman sets everything up with the American Embassy and flies her to Germany.

The next one, isn't so happy.  Terry Baldwin, Jr. writes and askes Superman to save his father's life.  His father has an inoperable brain tumor.  Superman takes off for Salt Lake City to essentially tell the boy that he can't save his father's life.  When Superman gets to Salt Lake, Mr. Baldwin has already died and Junior gets mad and runs off.  Superman explains to the boy that even if he made it to SLC in time, he couldn't do anything.  He's Superman.  However, it ends on a upbeat note when Superman convinces the Baldwins to let the heart go to someone who really 
needs it and Superman delivers it personally then flies back to Metropolis.

The last scene is Superman helping out with the disadvantaged kids the Daily Planet helps every year but unfortunately, they had no money in the budget for presents.  Superman decides to get Professor Hamilton to dress like Santa Claus, Superman helps fly in "reindeer" and a quick call to Bruce Wayne gets the kids more presents than they could ever imagine.

The issue doesn't end on a happy for Clark though.  Lana Lang and Pete Ross have sent him a wedding invitation (which takes place in Action Comics #700) and Clark doesn't look too thrilled.

As the Superman issues stacked up I started thinking that Lois was the wrong choice for Clark and Clark should be with Lana.  I still think that and wonder if Lois and Clark will ever get a divorce.  Probably not.

Oh well.

Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone.