Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fool Me Can't Get Fooled Again

In today's strip Brutus is worried that Veeblefester is upset that Brutus was out-negotiated in some kind of hostile corporate takeover. You'd think Veeblefester would know how the corporate world worked. Brutus would have to be given a limitation on what the negotiations consisted of be it money, perks, sex, what have you. It's not Brutus' fault if he lost the negotiation because Brutus can only offer so much based on what his superiors have authorized.

The scenario presented here makes it seem like Brutus was tricked. Brutus may be a born loser but he should be pretty good at his job so this is essentially Brutus' superior's fault considering they are the one who sent Brutus and authorized what Brutus could negotiate with.