Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minority Comics Strike Back

I don't like it when the race card is played, especially on the comics page but I see where the creators of minority-themed strips are coming from. I know there are no minority strips in my local paper and I believe only Jump Start and Boondocks are in the nearby Kansas City Star. But the following comics used the same story in their February 10th Sunday strip as a joke-cum-protest toward editors who feel that all minority strips are interchangable.

The News Story from the St. Peterburg Time

Watch Your Heads by Cory Thomas
Herb and Jamaal by Stephen Bentley
Cafe Con Leche by Charlos Gary
Candorville by Darrin Bell
The K Chronicles by Keith Knight
Housebroken by Steve Watkins

And I know I left some off because more minority creators got in on the act. If you feel like perusing the many comic strips on the Internet, feel free to hunt down the remaining strips even though the plot is exactly the same.