Monday, February 11, 2008

TBL: Bad 24/7

As much as I make fun of the art and simplistic storylines in TBL, at least the storytelling and art isn't as bad as what regularly appears in the comic strip Gil Thorp. When I started reading The Comics Curmudgeon Gil Thorp is a regular feature on that website and even has it's own haven on This Week In Milford But take a moment to look at that artwork. It tries way too hard to be realistic and detailed to the point that it looks like a comic strip. Also, there have been comics where the arms have been backwards, people were positioned in impossible positions and at least three main characters look exactly alike but are all decidedly different. So take comfort that TBL is only remotely bad, Gil Thorp is horrid and badly drawn.

Onto today's strip. So you mean to tell me that Brutus has never heard the phrase "24/7"? That's seems really odd especially in this work-a-day world when everything is available 24/7. I'm gonna use my "challenge" to challenge Chip Samson to show me someone who doesn't know the phrase "24/7" or even has an inkling of what it means.

Come on, Chip. You chicken?
Caw, ca, caw!! Caw, ca, caw!!
Chaw, chee, chaw chee!!
A-coodle-loodle-loo! A-coodle-loodle-loo!
Coo-coo-ka-chaw! Coo-coo-ka-chaw!