Saturday, February 09, 2008

2-For-1 Saturday

Yesterday's strip is in complete contrast to my hatred of Thursday's strip. Brutus is eating at a deli like Dagwood and it doesn't look as sad and depressing. Although what does look kind of odd is the deli-man's tattoo. Notice it's on his arm but below the elbow according to the illustration. So this man had "Ma" tattooed on his forearm instead of his upper arm? That seems a bit odd to me. Maybe his upper arm is already covered in tattoos, we just can't see them because of the shirt.

Today's strip shows off Wilberforce's stupidity yet again. The idiocy Wilberforce showcases doesn't require the smirk Brutus gives us in the final panel but just a slight chuckle and an explanation that Grandma has her own way of cleaning her teeth.

Honestly, should someone who proclaims themself a "born loser" really be going to dentist? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.