Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hello Groundhog, Good-bye TDIET

In a bit of sad news, the "comic" panel, They'll Do It Every Time has come to an end. TDIET started in 1929 to fill a spot in a newspaper and took off. It was nationally syndicated in 1936. In 1989, Al Scaduto took over the strip and continued it until his death in December 2007. King Features decided not the continue the strip after Scaduto's death bringing another long-running strip to an end. Here's is They'll Do It Every Time's final strip.

In The Born Loser, Brutus is watching, apparently, the news about the groundhog coming out of its hole that it doesn't want to come out of. Would you? A group of reporters, sight-seers, cameras, lights surrounding your house? Who'd go out in that? I guess Britney Spears.....