Sunday, June 02, 2024

Time for a Marathon

I'm not a huge fan of reboots and relaunches. I may or may not watch a reboot or relaunch of a show I like. One show I'm kind of shocked hasn't been rebooted, and maybe it's because it's based on a toy line or because it's technically British, is Mighty Max

Mighty Max lasted 40 episodes over two seasons so I'm sure it's popularity is all just in my mind. No matter how popular or unpopular it was on TV, the toys seemed to be everywhere including at least two series in McDonald's Happy Meals. And like many toys back then, Mighty Max of course had a video game. On both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. I have the Super Nintendo version. It's terrible, and you can read about it here.

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February 16, 1986
While I understand the logic of what Brutus is doing, I don't see what it really accomplishes. She's still here and now you and your chair are wet.

Shout out to Gallipolis, Ohio in this strip! A small village along the Ohio River, If Census figures are correct, this comic would've come out at the pinnacle of Gallipolis fashion when the population was over 8,000 people. Today, it's around 3,000. It's slightly across the river from Point Pleasant, West Virginia--Home of the Mothman.

I looked up Pussy Galore in preparation for this post. Full disclosure, I have never seen a James Bond film either, nor have I read any of the books. In the book, Galore is a lesbian. She's a lesbian because her uncle molested her, not because women are soft, beautiful, and lovely. God forbid a queer character just be queer. Always has to have trauma attached to it. Such is life, I guess. We as a society should do something about that.

It's kind of cute and wholesome that Brutus and Gladys went out to an Alamo Drafthouse type of thing to watch a James Bond movie. Do you think Wilberforce is still locked up in his cage in the basement or have they let him out?

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