Sunday, June 23, 2024

Basics? That's Everything!

Since summer started, I haven't been writing as much as I had planned. I had grand schemes to get to work on my next novel and my young adult novel, but it hasn't happened yet. It still might. I don't know. I think I take for granted how inspirational my students can actually be. Also, to be honest, much of my writing is to avoid doing my job. I'm hoping to do better and getting things done over the next month or so before having to go back to work.

But, even though I haven't been doing much writing, doesn't mean there isn't stuff to read if you haven't read them already. The focus this week is on Virgin Mari. Mari is a young woman who likes to have fun. When a mysterious voice tells her she'll die the next time she has sex, Mari attempts to change her lifestyle, but her life may be making a change she didn't expect. (Virgin Mari contains a lot of sex so reader discretion advised.)

I will be taking Monday through Wednesday off to focus on writing and outlining, along with submitting a couple more queries for my novel. I will be back on Thursday, playing catch-up.

March 30, 1986
I'm assuming the sweater doesn't have arm holes. It's hard to tell since the scan came out so dark. Since this comic also was published in March, we're getting into warmer weather where Brutus won't necessarily need a sweater.

He seems really excited in the sixth panel. A little too excited.

Where in all the posts about money does it claim that the Thornapples have enough to remodel the kitchen? I guess they could use the equity in their home or take out a second mortgage. Doesn't seem worth it though.

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