Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Yum. Diner Seafood

November 15, 1965
Albert's just doing what kids do: Eating cake that has been left out on the table hours before it is actually needed. I feel we can assign blame equally in this comic.

If only he had cut the cake out of the middle...

I have a coworker who goes out to eat every day for lunch. Every. Day. He goes to McDonald's. Every. Day. I wish I could do that, but doesn't that get expensive? I also don't think he really cooks dinner. I think he eats out for every meal. Whatever. Not my place to judge.

I bring this up because Brutus eats at this diner (nearly?) every day and each visit is a new worse experience. Is there no where else to eat nearby? What does Brutus get out of this?