Sunday, June 16, 2024

Proud Pop and Son

I only have two videos up on YouTube which is probably two more than you would expect. My first video was a playthrough of the TaleSpin Tiger Electronic Handheld Game.

You can read about both the TaleSpin Nintendo game and the Tiger game here, along with watch the video.

Apparently a new TaleSpin series is currently in production (pre-production?) but that was revealed back in 2023 so who knows how far along it is. No one has called me and asked to help out on the series so who knows if it would be any good.

March 2, 1986
I do enjoy the turns of phrases that Art does. I need to remember this one if I ever become a boss and have a subpar employee that I want to vaguely insult but yet not fire.

I do want to slap that Rankin/Bass-looking Frosty the Snowman face off of Brutus in the first two panels.

Being a tea cozy salesman puts a roof over Wilberforce's head and food on the table--that Wilberforce may or may not be allowed to eat.

Look, I'm not especially feeling anything this year so I'm gonna wrap this up and let you enjoy the rest of your Sunday/Father's Day, before I snap and say something I regret. If you would like to support me or this website and help make my 2024 even slightly better, you can buy me a cup of coffee on Ko-fi.