Sunday, February 20, 2022

Be My Cherry Pie

Malon Burget was born in Indiana in 1870 to Frank and Margaret Burget. The following year, they arrived in Topeka where Malon's education was received at the Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe as he was deaf and mute.

Every day for five years, 1906-1911, Burget sent a letter to the Topeka State Journal with a predication. Despite being deaf and mute, Burget and many other Topekans considered him a prognosticator. He would make predictions on sports, elections, and the weather. His biggest predications being that J.B. Billard would win the mayoral election in 1910 (he would and would serve until 1913), the Athletics would win the 1911 World Series (The Philadelphia Athletics would defeat the New York Giants four games to two), and that the opening day of the state fair would be a beautiful day despite local weather people saying it would be rainy (it was a clear and beautiful day).

Burget was a good friend of New York Giant and fellow classmate Luther Taylor and was a well-respected citizen of Topeka. For employment, Burget typically took odd jobs around the city and was employed for a while at the city street department and the AT&SF Railway.

Burget died of an illness at a local hospital in 1924 and was buried, in an unmarked grave, in Rochester Cemetery.

Illustration of Malon Burget from an issue of
the Topeka State Journal, 1911.

Unmarked graves of Malon Burget and his father in Rochester Cemetery.

Mother Goose and Grimm
I guess this comic strip is over. I didn't expect it to end like this.

Isn't this how Cathy ended?

Daddy Daze
Someone needs to to tell the Daddy Daze creator that just because you came up with an entire Sunday comic while running errands in your car doesn't mean it's a good Sunday comic.

Mary Worth
I, for one, am very anxious to see Toby cuck Ian with Cal. Will Ian be into it? There's a part of me that thinks, yes, he would be. Sitting across the room with a glass of wine watching Cal rail his wife, thinking about grading papers. Perfection.

The Born Loser
Hey, it's some stupid made-up day of celebration. You should make a complicated dish that goes along with it! No, you don't get a cherry pie. Unless it's a cherry pie filled with dog poo and knives.

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