Sunday, April 07, 2019

Why Doesn't Wilberforce Get Dinner?

The girl loved going to the museum. She loved all the paintings and sculptures but what she loved looking at most of all were the statues. Her favorite was a tall statue of a Roman warrior flanked by two other warriors on either side. It looked well-worn with slight cracks noticeable but still looked in good condition. The fierce determination in the center warrior's eyes captivated her. They looked so lifelike despite being made of stone.

After admiring the statues for several minutes, the girl turned to leave. As she walked, she thought she saw just a hint of movement. Not believing what she thought she saw, she turned around and saw the statues stepping off of their pedestals and starting to walk away.

They stepped over the velvet rope and started to leave. "You can't just leave," the girl told them.

The statues stopped and turned back to look at the girl. "Watch us," the center warrior talked back and they continued walking.

"Where are you going?" the girl took a couple steps to follow them.

"Somewhere else."

"But you belong here. What will you do somewhere else?"

"It's a big world out there. We'll figure out something."

"You should stay."

"Why?" the statues finally stopped walking and turned to the girl.

"Well, it's nice here. You don't have to do anything but stand there. People will still stare at you but it will be in admiration instead of fright," she motioned to a couple person who were cowering in the statue's presence. "Also, you're my favorite thing here."

"Really?" the center warrior asked. He seemed shocked by that admission. He lowered himself just a bit to be closer to the girl.

"Yeah. I love how real you look and your eyes. I call them 'fire eyes' because it looks like you are trying to shoot fire from them," she said. "What would I look at if you weren't here?"

"There are other things. Paintings, sculptures, whatever that thing is," he pointed to something hanging on the wall, a long wire that was bent and manipulated in numerous places that had what looked like garbage stuck to it.

"Those things are all great but I come here to see you. If you stopped being here, I would not come here as much."

The warriors sat silently for several seconds before the center warrior stood up and looked at his fellow warriors. "Can you give us a minute?" he asked.

"Sure," she said.

While the statues talked, people coming into this area of the museum either quickly ran past them or turned to leave. Museum guards stayed away not knowing how they should handle this. Another patron poked at a bust thinking that it might come alive as well.

"We've thought it over," the center warrior stood tall as he turned back to look at the girl. "We will stay, at least a few more years but you have to visit every day."

"I can't do it every day, I have school. I can maybe do it once a week."

"Very well," the center warrior nodded his head. "We'll stay but you have to visit once a week and come see us. Deal?"

"Deal," the girl agreed. "I'll have to ask my mom to buy me a membership to the museum."

The statues began walking their way back to the pedestal. They stepped over the velvet rope again, stepped onto their pedestal and spent several minutes trying to get back into position. "Your arm was raised higher. Your knee was bent. And you were looking more in that direction," she helped the statues get back into place. "There. That looks good."

There was a crowd watching the statues get back into place. The center warrior looked down at the girl and smiled before setting his eyes to the distance. The statues refroze and stopped moving, going back exactly how they were about ten minutes before.

A guard came up to the statue and knocking on it with his knuckles a couple times, ducking preemptively in case they decided to move again.

The longer the statues stayed still, the more people continued about their day. People went from staring at the statues to going back to viewing other museum pieces. The girl continued to watch the statues and smiled at them. She was glad her favorite piece was back where it belonged. She looked at the center warrior's eyes and smiled bigger at his 'fire eyes'. She stayed for several more minutes before waving good-bye and turning to leave.  ▩

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He could also do a little partner activity that makes you break a sweat and get your heart rate up but now I've put that horrible picture in your mind. I do apologize. That was very mean of me. And as for Brutus just breaking a sweat by walking, just look at him. If any part of your neighborhood is uphill, he'll die.

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