Sunday, April 14, 2019

It's Time

Byron Edgar Chollar was born in Brooklyn, Connecticut. He served in the Civil War in Co. H of the 15th New York Engineers. In 1900, he moved to Baldwin City from Topeka. His entire family is buried in Prairie City Cemetery.

Of note, Chollar invented and patented a method for purifying gas as seen here. The beautiful angel memorial is for his son, Byron, Jr. and is made of white marble sculpted in Italy.

Laure Celina Chollar
Sept. 28, 1842
Sept. 26, 1911


Byron Edgar Chollar

Mar. 28, 1840
Oct. 24, 1913


Helene Lucy
Nov. 24, 1874
Jul. 3, 1963

Laura Grace

Aug. 31, 1884
June 28, 1975

Our Darling Son

Sept. 23, 1872

June 12, 1892

We shall meet again


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"Pop is talking to himself again."

"I know, Wilberforce," Gladys sighed as she gripped her son's shoulders. "I think it's finally time. I'll go get the number to that hospital. Why don't you go in and try to get him away from that reduced fat cream. Try to get him outside to play catch until the men with the giant nets arrive."