Sunday, December 09, 2018

Three Exclamation Points

I’ve found little information on the small hamlet of Aladdin (or Alladin) which, as far as can tell, was just a post office site for several farmers in the area. The post office lasted from April 29, 1875 until September 5, 1881. The area was also known as Collinwood and Collinwood Farm and consisted of about 20 families, the Collinwoods being the most prominent. The most information I could find said that Aladdin was located along Washington Creek so it may have been somewhere near where Lone Star Lake is now since before a post office at Lone Star was established the area had several small post offices including Alfred, Gideon, Bond and Echo.

In May of 1875, shortly after being established, Henry Webber was appointed the postmaster of the Aladdin. Webber lived in section 15 of Willow Springs Township about a mile north of the Washington Creek Church on East 550 Road.
1873 map of Henry Webber's property in Willow Springs, Douglas County, Kansas.
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Yep. The forecast sure called for snow. 10% to be precise. It seems Veeblefester has more sacks of money next to his desk than usual. Probably why he has that picture of himself out again. He's so damn proud of himself.