Sunday, December 02, 2018

Tauy Creek Digest #51: The Wedding Ex

I don’t know why I came, Kate thought. I don’t know why he invited me. We hadn’t seen each other in just over five years and I couldn’t tell if the invitation was an attempt to make amends or to rub his stupid, perfect life in my face. Since there was nothing to make amends for—I dumped him because I got bored with him and, for some reason, he was opposed to me cheating on him—I figured it was just to show off his stupid wife and brag. I could brag, too. We had sex just about every day, have they? If he’s good in bed, it’s because I showed him what to do. We loved each other first so he’s marrying you because I made him comfortable with showing his love. Chris wouldn’t be the man he is today if it weren’t for me.

Before the ceremony, Chris made his way to the front of the church, greeting everybody as he walked by. He looks amazing in his suit, Kate stared and nodded approvingly. He never wore a suit around me. Chris approached her and gently took her hands.

“Thank you for coming, Kate,” he smiled sweetly at her. “I went back and forth on wanting to invite you but you were such an important part of my life I wanted to do something to thank you. Enjoy the ceremony, the dinner, and open bar.”

Oh, you bet your ass, I will, Kate smiled sweetly back at him. “Thank you.” I drifted in and out during the ceremony. I was close to standing up when the pastor asked if there was anyone who objected to the marriage but I don’t object to it, I just don’t like it. Why is that a thing that they ask during a wedding? Seems like it’s just asking for trouble but I’m sure it had a reason at one time.

After the ceremony, the wedding moved to a hotel where they rented a ballroom, had a caterer, and set aside a block of rooms for people to stay in. Like an idiot, I said that I would be staying at the hotel. My roommate was some woman named Marci. I never knew a Marci. Was she a new friend of his or one of hers. Maybe Marci was one of her exes. Maybe Marci and I could team-up to destroy their marriage. I began to doubt Marci was an ex-girlfriend of what’s-her-name but a girl can dream.

I went downstairs and got ready to eat. There were several speeches made—bridesmaid, friend of the bride, friend of the groom, best man—all yammering about friendship and love and how they all met each other. I wondered what they would’ve said about us. We were supposed to save our champagne for the toast that the groom made but I snuck several sips from my glass. During the toast, I dinged the empty glass with the person next to me and faked taking a drink.

After we ate, a kind of snack bar stayed open along with the actual bar which I did take advantage of. How could they afford an open bar? I once had to loan him $400 to pay his rent. Does she have money? I watched them dance with each other, their parents, each other’s parents, and then everyone else. It was sweet although I never recalled him as a dancer. For most of the night, I sat in a corner of the ballroom and watched everybody else have fun. I wanted to have fun as well.

He was fairly attractive. He had slightly longer hair than I liked but I liked his facial hair. I also figured he was single since he didn’t seem to be focused on just one person. I kept an eye on him and headed toward him just before midnight when he walked up to the bar. Most people had left and really the only ones left were probably staying in the hotel. I went up to him and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Kate.”

“Hey,” he smiled at me. “Isaac.”

“Friend of the bride or groom?”

“Groom,” he answered. Perfect.

“Are you staying at the hotel?”

“Yeah. You?”


“You wanna go upstairs to your room and I’ll suck your dick?” I nonchalantly asked, looking at my drink.

My plan was to get him hot and bothered and then force myself on him. I know I could’ve just asked if he wanted to have sex but in my head the story sounded better if this guy told Chris, in some way, that he was assaulted by Kate at his wedding. That thought made me hornier as Cameron and I halfway stumbled to his room.

In the room, I undid his pants and pulled them down before shoving him into a chair. I took him in my mouth and loved the way he grew while in there. I reached under my skirt and began playing with myself, getting ready to throw myself on top of him. I wanted him hard and caught off guard.

But he caught me off guard. He bucked and went further down my throat and grabbed my head. He ejaculated and filled my mouth. Like a good girl, I took it and waited before removing my mouth.

“Seriously?” I shouted.


“You came so quickly.”

“It felt really good.”

I watched him go limp then stood up and left. “Fuck,” I muttered and walked to my room. The door had a note taped to it near the handle. Dear roomie, Brought this guy back to our room. Hope that’s OK. Feel free to come in but be warned. And it was signed Marci and with a winking face emoji. I rolled my eyes. I wanted to go in so I could lie down but paused because I didn’t want to interrupt or even witness whatever Marci was doing with her guy and I know the beds were in the same room.

I went downstairs to the lobby. It was almost one and the lobby was quiet and empty. Only the person behind the front desk was there. I sat down in a big chair in a room with a TV that had CNN on mute. I watched for a bit—mostly reading the bottom third and the news scroll until I fell asleep.