Saturday, February 24, 2018

She Has Four Minutes To Live

FUN FACT: I'm taller than President Trump but somehow I weigh more. I admit that I'm not in the best shape but my shape is slightly better than Il Don-ce.

Gladys is a tall drink of water. I know Brutus is supposed to shorter than your average man but I figured 5'8" or so with Gladys being six even. That Gladys is drawn so small in today's strip is just weird. Anyway, if Gladys really wants to get taller, I recommend the gruesome and painful procedure of leg lengthening where the doctor breaks your legs and screws a ring into the bones. The rings are then twisted about a millimeter every day for a month, allowing new bone to grow into the gap of the broken bones. After about a month you are ready for physical therapy. All told you are looking at about a year-long process that adds about two to three inches to your height.