Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gladys' Sister!

I'm sure actual lugers are perfectly fine with people assuming their sport is easy and "made to order" for lazy people who just want to lie on their back all day. No skill, no training, no nothing needed to compete in the luge. Honestly, I'm pretty sure lugers just showed up on the Olympics doorstep and were like "We're ready to luge!"

My winter Olympic choice would be curling. For summer Olympics I would choose something with water even though I'm not a huge fan of water or know how to swim.

This quote--which is apparently a proverb--first appeared in 1659 but discussing old proverbs seems a bit advanced for a third grade lesson and this isn't Wilberforce and Hattie's regular teacher so I can only think that this is some substitute not following the lesson plan and instead teaching the students about horror movies. Up next: The Last House On the Left.